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       This website features model horses in my private collection.  Some are limited edition resins with one-of-a-kind paintwork by various artists.  Others are the good ol' plastic models we played with as kids, which are often beautiful works of art as well.



         I placed photos of these model horses up on this site as an appreciation of the talent and hard work put into their creations by the original sculpting and painting artists.

       I can't thank these wonderful artists enough for sharing their incredible talents with us by creating such beautiful and unique horses for us to enjoy.  Often I feel selfish that mine are the only eyes that get to see these horses; I want the artists to know I genuinely appreciate the painstaking details in each and every model. 

        By sharing my photos and linking to the artists' sites, I hope to add inspiration for the artists to continue their work at the same time as making newcomers aware of the "greats" in our hobby. 

        For those that are like me, and either cannot afford to own a real horse or do not have the time to devote to one, it is possible to own and show the next best thing....model horses!

© 2014 by Donna J. Miller-Shannon.

All photos on this website are Copyright property of Donna J. Miller-Shannon and may not be used, reproduced, copied, or altered in any way without expressed permission.

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